Holy COW! It’s been three years since I’ve posted any photos on this blog. And my apologizes.

Where have I gone? Well in 2014, August to be exact. I had a little baby boy. Left my job at Old Navy and became a stay at home mom! Weird… especially for me. I didn’t take on many photography jobs. Only those who I was close to. So really… it came to none. lol.

November of last year I got my license in real estate. That was a total bust. Realized rather soon that that was not for me. Long hours. Not enough time with my family, especially when you bust your butt in the beginning. It’s hard stuff and I just couldn’t do it. My anxiety got the better of me. I became an assistant to one of the best realtors in our office. And slowly she started having me photographing her properties for me. You know… putting my degree to work. And slowly it’s become my life. Still in real estate, pushing papers… and photographing properties. Two very cool things.


One of our more recent properties. And I found that I’m getting better and better at taking interiors and exteriors. So on the side, I’ve been trying to put myself out there to get more jobs doing real estate photography. There is still so much more to learn. What is the best angle. I don’t over do the High Definition Res. To me… that’s not how the home looks when you roll up on it. So I like for my photos to look exactly how the home looks. No over editing. Maybe some boost to the S Curve. But other than that… unless I totally messed up on my interior shots. I don’t heavily edit them.

It’s been fun. It’s a new avenue that I didn’t think would be possible and who knows, this might launch me back into portraits.

But until then… this will be a fun way to keep sharping those skills that I let go so long ago.


Husband Duties…

Guys, there is one thing you should know if you date… marry… or are best friends with any girl that owns a camera. You will be the subject of many… MANY photos… until we have kids and then we can bother them, but until that time comes… it’s all you buddy! Trust me, while I was in school, my husband who was my then boyfriend, was the subject matter of many photos for assignments. It comes with the territory.

So when I finally decided it was time to learn how to use a different type of focusing mode, I told the husband he better be ready to have his photos taken. lol. What I learned from the exercise is that shooting single square focus makes for a sharper image when doing close up portraits.

I think from here on out, doesn’t matter which kind of subject matter I’m working with, I’m just always going to experiment with the different focus points and clusters.

So without further ado… I present, the many faces of the man I love. lol. He’s such a good sport when it comes to all of this.

Ronald copy

Ronald2 copy

Ronald3 copy

The photos don’t look sharp until you click them to make them larger. I don’t know why it does that. :/ But there you go. I think I’m ready for these up coming shoots! I’ve got a family shoot coming up next week and then an engagement shoot the week after. So be on the lookout for those!

Yesterday was supposed to be a long day of shooting with a great friend… instead we took a long day of shopping.

Broken Musings

Yesterday didn’t exactly go as planned. Amanda, a fellow photographer, and I had planned a nice little shoot in a neighboring city. The weather had promised only clouds… but that wasn’t the case. I woke up SUPA early to get ready, which you see there is a photo of me downing some amazing coffee, with my hair still wrapped as I did my makeup. I put on a tank with denim shorts and a red linen blazer… I walk outside and it’s downpouring. What happened to just being cloudy?!

So I drive out to Amanda’s and we agree to just make it a shopping day until the sun makes an appearance, since she needed a dress anyway for a wedding she was going to in May.

We go all over the mall and I find this AMAZING Doctor Who t-shirt at Hot Topic! Seriously, it made me excited. This one was…

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Chubby Wubby was a Cat.

So I’m almost certain that when I become much much older than I already am… I’m going to end up as that weird cat lady. It’s almost inevitable.

Ever since I was little, my heart has always belonged to cats. Don’t get me wrong… dogs are okay and yes they probably love you a little bit more than the independent feline. However, I would take a meow over a bark any day. I mean… seriously… when I was little I said when I died I wanted to come back as a cheetah. House cat? I think not. I want to be the fastest cat on earth. lol.

Anyhow, I’d like for you to meet Chubby. He was the other kitty in my post Sleepy Kitty is Sleepy that was sleeping on the bed with Black Kitty. Chubby is a colorful character and obviously lives up to his name. He lays down on the floor while he eats and when he is outside and you come home from work… or come home from doing anything. He will run into the driveway… wait for you to get out of the car and then he will commence cuteness mode while he falls over onto the pavement and rolls around just to get a belly scratch.

So which side do you stand on? Cat person or dog person?

Sleepy Kitty is sleepy!

With the warmer weather coming, the cats have been pretty active… but only at night, when the husband and I are trying to get some sleep. However, during the day… this is what we find when we come home from work. A tuckered out little kitty just trying to catch some Zzzz while the sun is up. Trying to conserve his energy for tonight.

And because he likes to take up our whole bed, and sleep and drool on my pillow sometimes… I’d like to show you a video of sleeping beauty at his finest. Watch where his whiskers are. He makes a silly blowing noise when he is in a deep sleep sometimes. Ronald does it too. lol.

Don’t mind the fact that the white balance is completely off in the beginning. I was video taping him with my cellular device. lol.

And while I was typing this up for a blog post… someone decided to sneak into the room for nap time as well.

They definitely have the right idea, and I am certainly debating whether or not I should take a nap right next to them. It is a beautiful day but the husband did say he wanted me to rest and relax today.

It’s Beautiful Outside…

But I can’t enjoy it because the pollen has taken over my body and functioning is not exactly possible.

What are you doing for this St. Patty’s Day?

Me? Oh I’m about to take a hot shower, in hopes that it will help with my whole allergy symptoms and then a LONG day/night of working. I hope everyone else will be doing something much more fun than myself.

Photo shoot with my best friend tomorrow! It’s calling for rain but I have faith that it will pass and we will get some amazing photos. If not… then it will give us all the more reason to go and visit one another.

Feels Like…

Spring… mixed with a little bit of summer. Our days here in Eastern NC are starting to get warmer… so break out the shorts and tanks girls because tanning season is coming up on us sooner than later!

Darn me!

Oh sweet quotes.

So yesterday on my way home from work, I was driving over a bridge when I looked to my right and was so angry at myself in that very moment. Why? Probably because I had seen the most beautiful sunset… EVER. Not only that, the image was just right… single sail boat in the water facing the setting sun… the sky an array of colors… pinks, oranges, purples, blues… it was just gorgeous! Again… why was I mad at myself? Because once again I did not have my camera.

This is becoming a problem. Whenever I’m driving I always always ALWAYS see something that absolutely floors me and I kick myself for never having my camera.

I know you are saying to yourself… ummm just leave your camera in your car. I would if it weren’t the holiday season and greedy people weren’t busting into people’s cars and stealing from them. Yes that is the society that we live in. Lame!

But I’ve been thinking… I technically have two cameras. My Canon, which I use for my “professional” gigs… and then I have a Nikon D40X that started this whole crazy idea of being a photographer. The sensor needs to be cleaned, but other than that…there is nothing wrong with the camera. So I may have to get that camera and stick it in my car. It’s much smaller than my Canon and will be easier to hide.

So hopefully having it in my car will make me actually stop and take the photos. No excuses! 😀

Goodbye Ugly Man Bags!

So one of the one things that I love in the accessories category is purses. There are a million different styles and colors but every woman knows what she wants in a purse. So why shouldn’t it be that way for camera bags for the stylish women of today.

I have been on the lookout as well for a new camera bag. Goodbye bulky ugly black man-ish bag… Hello beautifully crafted purse/bags! Here are some of the websites that I have found that offer some of the most adorable bags that I could see sitting on my shoulder in a year or two.

Kelly Moore Bags

This little beauty is The Libby. Super stylish and a pretty little penny! None the less… Kelly Moore bags are highly recommended by other photographers. She offers tons of different styles and gorgeous colors as well.


Another fan favorite! If you really want to disguise your camera bag as a purse, they have got you covered!


Some of the cutest cloth like photography bags I’ve seen are from Ketti Handbags! What sucks is that right now, they are closed for the holidays. Boo! But it doesn’t stop the fact that you can’t “window” shop via internet.

Porteen Gear

These bags from Porteen Gear are interesting little gems. I wouldn’t mind having at least one in my closet to use at will.

Cheeky Lime

Last but definitely not least… this gorgeous bag is one of my faves! If I had to choose out of the styles they offer, this classic green bag would be on my Christmas and Birthday wish list!