Ashley and Adam | Engagement

This is a bit late going up, but I had the pleasure of photographing a couple that I have practically grown up with. We all graduated from high school together and I’m so excited to see that they are engaged and the wedding date has been picked! It’s always a little nerve wrecking when you’re photographing people you know. I’m excited that these turned out so well! Congratulations Adam and Ashley! I can’t wait for your big day!!


Husband Duties…

Guys, there is one thing you should know if you date… marry… or are best friends with any girl that owns a camera. You will be the subject of many… MANY photos… until we have kids and then we can bother them, but until that time comes… it’s all you buddy! Trust me, while I was in school, my husband who was my then boyfriend, was the subject matter of many photos for assignments. It comes with the territory.

So when I finally decided it was time to learn how to use a different type of focusing mode, I told the husband he better be ready to have his photos taken. lol. What I learned from the exercise is that shooting single square focus makes for a sharper image when doing close up portraits.

I think from here on out, doesn’t matter which kind of subject matter I’m working with, I’m just always going to experiment with the different focus points and clusters.

So without further ado… I present, the many faces of the man I love. lol. He’s such a good sport when it comes to all of this.

Ronald copy

Ronald2 copy

Ronald3 copy

The photos don’t look sharp until you click them to make them larger. I don’t know why it does that. :/ But there you go. I think I’m ready for these up coming shoots! I’ve got a family shoot coming up next week and then an engagement shoot the week after. So be on the lookout for those!

Just Another Day in the Woods

IMG_0038 copy

So about two weeks ago, I took a walk in the woods… just me and my camera. I had written a post about my experience on my personal blog entitled A Walk Through the Woods. If you ever want to know how paranoid a girl alone in the woods really is… just read that post. lol.

I finally got through the photos and picked my faves and here they are!

Can you possibly see a pattern in the way I shoot? lol. In thirds and I love details. Although I scared myself half to death being on the trails by myself that day, I’d say it was a success! Sad to see that winter is over but now it means flowers are blooming and warmer days are ahead.

Hopefully a lot more photos coming your way.

Sweet Haley


So a couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph a sweet little girl named Haley. I’ve known her parents since middle school and I was so excited when they asked me to do their maternity photos. Now that she is here, they asked if I would do her newborn photos. I was so nervous. I’ve never done a newborn shoot before. I’ve never really handled a newborn… so to say I was freaked is a little underrated.

But luckily it was a great shoot especially since I was mentally prepared for whatever was in store. And I have to say, I do love some of the photos that I took. So here are some of the gems that I just love.

There were a lot more but these were the ones that just stole my heart. I really do believe that I should pursue this type of photography because as much as I was scared to handle her, I think we got some great shots. Learned so much just from this first session! I hope that Natasha and Cory liked the images just as much as I did.

Newborn Session Success


So I had posted a blog post about how I was going to have my very first newborn session on Saturday… well I’m happy to say that it was a success! Or at least I think it was. Thank goodness for all the research that I did going into it, because with out it I probably would have been pretty terrified.

I can tell you now, what I learned about myself is that I have more patience waiting and photographing a newborn who is crying and is fussy, than dealing with them crying while I’m working retail. Even though Miss Haley really fought to not have her photo taken, I think I got a good deal of photos of her. And by the end of it, she just wore herself out and fell asleep, which I’m sure her parents were thankful for.

I’m so thankful for the fact that Natasha and Cory would allow me to photograph her. I don’t think that I could have done that as a first time with strangers. They were just as patient as I was even if she did pee and poo on momma bear. As the time went on during Saturday, I think I really found what I wanted to do! Who would have thunk it?! It was so comfortable and easy. I really enjoyed it.

And all my shopping that I did definitely came in handy! With the bean bag, I do need to zip tie the bottom of it so that it is a little bit more firm because when we put Haley on the bean bag it curved into her and it didn’t work out so well. So it was the learning experience that I needed.

Stay tuned for more photos by the end of the week!

Newborn Session… WHAT?!

b2daf3e1670f7af162427baa937e2d51So about a month ago, I had taken maternity photos for Natasha and Cory… well I’m happy to say that little Haley has been born and is ready to have her photos done. I have never done newborn photography. I’m actually probably deathly afraid of doing this photo session, only because I’ve never really dealt with babies.

I mean I see them… I make funny faces and noises… but to handle them. Yikes. lol.

That ——–>

… is pretty accurate.

So needless to say, I’ve been trying to do as much research as I possibly could to figure out what I need to do to physically prepare and to emotionally prepare.

I see this as a nice learning experience. And a nice way to test my patience.

So once I got over the initial shock of the possibility of me getting pee’d or poo’d on… I got really excited. I’ve always wanted to add one more thing to my experience and what better way than with someone whom I know.

Now that I’m pumped, I wanted to go shopping to see if there was any props that I could find. One of the things that I had been eyeing was a newborn posing beanbag. Yeah I don’t have $85 to spend on a bean bag that doesn’t even come with the filler. Needless to say, I was on the search for a bean bag chair that I didn’t think anyone still made or sold. But luckily Wal-Mart still sells them. So I picked on up for $15! I call that a fantastic steal and am hoping that it works for me.

And now that “winter” shopping is technically over… it was really hard to find some cute blankets for background use and to drape over the bean bag. I did find a purple and white fleece blanket at Wal-Mart, then I headed over Ross and found one of the most adorable soft yarn blankets for $9.99! Can I just say that I love shopping for props?! Not only did I find that blanket, I also found a really unique plastic fruit bowl that would definitely hold a newborn in it. Then I found a pretty sweet basket, OH and a lavender looking mat that was just too adorable to pass up.

Oh it didn’t just stop at Ross, I had been trying to find just a plain white blanket and found something somewhat similar at Family Dollar and a gray rustic basket as well. Then I was looking around and found some amazingly soft bath mats that would be perfect because of texture. Anything works right?

All the things that I bought, came up to the $85 that I would have spent on that one posing bean bag. I’m just saying… I’m going to make everything work for less. How else do you work your way up from the bottom?

I might have gone just a tad bit over board. However, I have a nice amount of items to choose from, that is what matters. Especially since I’ve never done this before. And if someone else decides to hire me to do more newborn photos, I think I’ll be ready. I think I really want to pursue this whole area of photography. Lifestyle photography… newborn photography… for once I think that I know what I want to get into! Which is weird because I would have never thought of this as an area that I would want to get into. But the more I think about it… the more I really do want to go into this field.

I’ll just have to keep a level head and not get over anxious. Apparently babies are like animals… they can smell fear. lol. So wish me luck today! I will post some sneak peaks tomorrow from our session, so keep an eye out on that! 😀


Real or fake?

DSC_0061 copy

While we were at the Museum of Natural Science, we were in the little reptile area and could not for the life of us figure out if this guy was real or fake. There were four others… hanging out just like this. None of them moving… just hanging there… looking all menacing and stuff. lol.

Not Another Photo

of my sister. Can you tell I photograph my sister a lot? She is the only person I know that doesn’t mind being in front of my camera. lol.

DSC_0073 copy

Not going to lie, I was pretty impressed with how my sister dressed! Usually I have to help her put together outfits but she did such a great job without any of my input. My big sister grew up way too fast. lol. 😀