Holy COW! It’s been three years since I’ve posted any photos on this blog. And my apologizes.

Where have I gone? Well in 2014, August to be exact. I had a little baby boy. Left my job at Old Navy and became a stay at home mom! Weird… especially for me. I didn’t take on many photography jobs. Only those who I was close to. So really… it came to none. lol.

November of last year I got my license in real estate. That was a total bust. Realized rather soon that that was not for me. Long hours. Not enough time with my family, especially when you bust your butt in the beginning. It’s hard stuff and I just couldn’t do it. My anxiety got the better of me. I became an assistant to one of the best realtors in our office. And slowly she started having me photographing her properties for me. You know… putting my degree to work. And slowly it’s become my life. Still in real estate, pushing papers… and photographing properties. Two very cool things.


One of our more recent properties. And I found that I’m getting better and better at taking interiors and exteriors. So on the side, I’ve been trying to put myself out there to get more jobs doing real estate photography. There is still so much more to learn. What is the best angle. I don’t over do the High Definition Res. To me… that’s not how the home looks when you roll up on it. So I like for my photos to look exactly how the home looks. No over editing. Maybe some boost to the S Curve. But other than that… unless I totally messed up on my interior shots. I don’t heavily edit them.

It’s been fun. It’s a new avenue that I didn’t think would be possible and who knows, this might launch me back into portraits.

But until then… this will be a fun way to keep sharping those skills that I let go so long ago.


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