Newborn Session Success


So I had posted a blog post about how I was going to have my very first newborn session on Saturday… well I’m happy to say that it was a success! Or at least I think it was. Thank goodness for all the research that I did going into it, because with out it I probably would have been pretty terrified.

I can tell you now, what I learned about myself is that I have more patience waiting and photographing a newborn who is crying and is fussy, than dealing with them crying while I’m working retail. Even though Miss Haley really fought to not have her photo taken, I think I got a good deal of photos of her. And by the end of it, she just wore herself out and fell asleep, which I’m sure her parents were thankful for.

I’m so thankful for the fact that Natasha and Cory would allow me to photograph her. I don’t think that I could have done that as a first time with strangers. They were just as patient as I was even if she did pee and poo on momma bear. As the time went on during Saturday, I think I really found what I wanted to do! Who would have thunk it?! It was so comfortable and easy. I really enjoyed it.

And all my shopping that I did definitely came in handy! With the bean bag, I do need to zip tie the bottom of it so that it is a little bit more firm because when we put Haley on the bean bag it curved into her and it didn’t work out so well. So it was the learning experience that I needed.

Stay tuned for more photos by the end of the week!


One thought on “Newborn Session Success

  1. The most stressful and difficult type of photography is probably wedding and infant photography. I became a uncle about 3 months ago and I did a newborn session with my brother and SIL. Let me tell you that keepers were few and far between. Newborns are super fussy and don’t take direction well 🙂 Great job on your photo, especially since it was your first session.

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