The Great Thing About Animals

especially if you are like me and don’t have kids… Animals are a great subject to photograph. Meet Black Kitty. I have photographed him a number of times and I’m sure you can find some of those photos on my blog, but he is always a great subject to photograph.

IMG_0145 copy

He is also the hardest to photograph sometimes. An all black cat is hard to find the details because he just blends into himself. Another reason I am posting these, even though some are identical, just shot at a different angle is because they were shot with a rather high ISO. I believe 6400 to be exact. I hate using a high ISO. Just something about it that drives me crazy. But I figured I would play around with it. Especially since I’ve been playing around with the noise reduction feature in Lightroom. I do have to say. It has helped quite a bit. Is it perfect? Absolutely not but that is learning and I will just have to try something new next time.


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