Not So Healthy

So yesterday I ended up getting my new tires put on the car and had to wait a good two hours for them to do it. SO with everything not really being in walking distance, I ended up at McDonalds. It was lunch time and yes I probably could have gone for something a little more healthy but that’s not my style. Lol.

Ranch BLT

I used a tiny bit of HDR on these photos. Something that I’ve never really tried, it was more HDR in Lightroom than in the actual camera. But I kind of like it. Definitely sharpened up the edges on the sandwich and stuff.

DSC_0015 copy

Another thing, that you would think I would know how to do, but don’t… was noise reduction in Lightroom. Gotta love teaching yourself new things. It really made a difference in how the photo actually looked altogether. Definitely soften out the pixels and to me made a huge difference up close. Will probably start doing that from now on as well.

DSC_0017 copy

Everyday is a new learning process. That’s the one thing about photography you have to love. It’s always changing and there are always new ways of doing things!


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