Blast from the Past

So like I have mentioned before, I wanted to start carrying around my camera and just start shooting things in my everyday life. I’ve lost touch with my abilities and I regret letting that happen.

So today I decided would be a great day to just carry it around and see if I can get inspired or just to see if I actually take the damn thing out of my purse [fyi, I really need to get a Kelly Moore bag… oh husband! :D]. But I did and these were just a few of the shots I took at my car service place. I always loved the fact that they have Ms. Pac-Man just sitting in their waiting room and when I went into really look at it I realized that not only did they have Ms. Pac-Man, they had Centipede chilling right next to it. lol.

DSC_0012 copy

I only took a few because well… I found out that I needed four new tires SOON because my tires were WAY bad. Whoops. So I was mourning the fact that money had to be spent. lol.

I’m not a fan of the other photos but one of the things that our professors use to tell us is that if you take ten photos and one turned out great… it was a successful shoot. lol. So the above photo is my successful shot. It may not be amazing… or spectacular but considering it’s been a very VERY long time since I’ve done anything with one of my cameras, I’m proud of the image. And that is all that matters.

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