As most of you can see… I photograph my sister a lot. Lol. She is always more than willing to step in front of my camera whenever I am trying to do something new to help me further my learning to find out who I am. And I have got to say… I am LOVING the golden hour sunlight. My only problem is that at some of the photos my sister was looking a little too orange. I tried to fix it in Lightroom but it changed the photo a little too much so I held back some. Otherwise, I think I could get use to doing photo shoots at this time. I really REALLY like the images and hope to work with more people to get a good amount of experience. I think I might have found my niche. Which makes me really happy.

Tell me what you guys think!! I would love some feedback! [included two silly ones just because I know she wouldn’t like them… lol sisterly love!]


2 thoughts on “OH ANG!

  1. Love them! Can’t beat that golden hour at the beach! I think my favorites (other than the silly ones, of course) are the ones with the dunes/grass behind her. I’m jealous. My husband isn’t nearly as inspiring when in front of the camera, lol.

  2. Christina,

    Two observations. First off I would edit this series down to 15 images instead of 21. There are 4-5 that are not as strong technically and her expressions are just a bit awkward like the thumbnail at very top 3rd and maybe even 4th from left. Very top left image is great but kind of flat – this is where a reflector would make a big difference – same as 3rd row down – 3rd image from left. You are really doing some great beach portrait work here – just be more ruthless and critical in your editing. Keep shooting! I am proud of you!

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