Anderson Wedding

It’s been a while… I know. Recently I had the chance to photograph a wedding from a friend from high school. I’m not a professional, so every wedding is a learning experience. And this time I had a second shooter with me, so that calmed me more than anything. I always get so flustered and nervous, but having one of my best friends and fellow photographer with me made all the difference. It also was helpful to have someone in place where I could not be to take photographs because it’s so easy to miss important details when it is just you.

The morning had actually started out as a crisis though. Amanda, my second photographer, had texted me early on saying that her car had been hit by a drunk driver the night before in her apartment’s parking lot. Her car wasn’t driveable, especially with the flat tire. Something inside of me was freaking out.

This wedding was expecting to be a big one, so I needed the help. I let her finish what she was doing, getting all her ducks in a row. Then I drove 45 minutes to pick her up!

It was necessary. And I’m so glad that I did because I think our photos turned out great. So happy that she finally got to get the experience of photographing a wedding.

But like I said every wedding is a learning experience for me. I learned that a speedlite is a very tricky device. And when photographing a wedding, its even harder because you don’t want to blow out the photos and have super harsh shadows.

It just means that I have to start practicing with my speedlite in different situations so I can get the correct exposure every time. I’m okay with this! 😀

Sharon and Jonathon were great clients and their whole family was just wonderful and inviting! The ceremony turned out great and the DJ at the reception was amazing. I hope that all weddings turn out like this one did.

As always I made a little photo video to showcase the highlights of the wedding. I hope that everyone will watch it and give me some feedback on ways to improve! 😀

Again, I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to photograph this lovely family and this moment in time.

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