Picture Perfect Moment

Daily, I come onto WordPress to see what others have been doing, especially long distance friends and old teachers, and other amazing bloggers that I’ve come across while being a part of the WordPress community. I am honored to have been nominated by one of my best friends, from Brilliantly Novel, for the Sunshine Award! It’s not often that I get to post photographs on this page, but when I do I’m glad that there are others to see them, and appreciate them like I do.

There are few things that go along with this award. The rules are as follows:

Rules For The Sunshine Award

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • Nominate other fabulous bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.
  • Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Q1: What is your favorite childhood memory?

My favorite childhood memory is when my parents, my sister and myself would go to the drive in movie theater in South Carolina. This was back when I was really young and my dad’s truck used to have a camper top on it. We would throw a bunch of blankets and pillows in the bed of the truck and my sister and I would lie in the back while my parent’s would pay for only two tickets, for themselves and they would sneak us in. Then my dad would back the truck up so that the back in was facing the screen and my parents would sit in lawn chairs while me and my sister would lie on our stomachs and watch the movie. It was moments like those that I hold close to my heart.

Q2: What is a real fear for you?

Horses… yup. I have a fear that I will get trampled to death. I know that I have to be around a horse to get trampled to death but it’s still there. It’s that real irrational fear that everyone has.

Q3: How would you describe yourself?

Sarcastic. Self conscious. Passionate. A Loving Wife. Animal Lover. Tree Hugger. Social Media Obsessed. Lover of Fashion and Shopping. Domestically Challenged. Makeup Hoarder. A Sister. A Daughter. A Loner.

Q4: What countries have you lived in?

Japan, but I don’t remember any of it. I was born in Okinawa, and then I can’t remember if it was a year later or a few months but then we flew to the States and I’ve been here ever since.

Q5: What is your style?

Well I mostly wear jeans and a t-shirt. I love dresses… actually my whole closet right now is full of them. However, I have such a self-esteem problem that I rarely wear them. Not to mention, I still have the dream that I’m going to lose a ton of weight, even though I’m not exercising or dieting. So most of my dresses are one size too small.  However, I do love lace and the frilly things. Even the color pink, which is funny because when I was little I hated dresses and especially the color pink.

Q6: What is your favorite breakfast food?

Scrambled eggs with cheese. Yuuuuum. I swear my husband could make this every day and I would never complain.

Q7: What are some of your hobbies?

Obviously photography is one of my hobbies. Reading. Shopping. Jewelry Making. Crafting.

Q8: If you could tell people anything, what would you say?

You have to get to know me to understand me. I come off as a bitch sometimes, but it’s really just a safety net to keep people from hurting me. I’m completely awkward when meeting new people. I shrink into my imaginary shell and never really come out. Not until we’ve been around one another for more than a few times.

Q9: What is one of your passions?

Photography. I love it so much that I often wish that I could just quit my job and try to make it on my own. The fear of failure lingers, that and the debt I have from school, supplies, and my camera I have now are the things that keep me at the job I have now.

Q10: What is one truth you have learned?

You have to fail to overcome.

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