Chimney Rock

One of things that we did while we were on vacation was climb Chimney Rock… and by climb I mean climb stairs. For this tubby girl, stairs are not my best friend. But we made it all the way to the top of the look out and then we went exploring to the waterfalls.

It had the most amazing view of Lake Lure.

It was one of those moments that I was glad that me and the Husband had the chance to do something like this. I do hope that we get more adventures in the coming years.

If you are ever in Western NC, I do suggest taking a hike out to Chimney Rock. I also suggest using the elevator as long as it is working. No matter how great stairs are for working that tush… I won’t ever go again without using the elevator. lol.

There is a ton of stuff to do in the area. A lot of family friendly activities. And for all the photography lovers, there is plenty to photograph. The landscape… the nature… the silly husbands pulling a Barney Stinson pose. 😀

And here are some more of our photos from the vacation from Chimney Rock!

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