My first.

Yes yes… I’ve been MIA. I even posted a “where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing” post and still went pretty MIA on you people. It’s part laziness… plus another part of working just a little too much. Sorry for that. But one thing that I’m pretty excited about is the fact that I went totally out of my comfort zone today and it paid off.

I’m not exactly the adventurous type. I don’t run out and do things just to do them, but today was a little different. This morning I had woken up… had a horrible allergic reaction to my husband’s cat rubbing up near my face while we were in bed, which resulted in me breaking out horribly and I had small bumps everywhere on my face. My face was extremely red… one of my eyes ended up blood-shot. It was gross… and to top off his biological warfare… he gave me my allergies like crazy. So dealing with ALL of that today and meeting with a bride whose wedding is in August, I’ve been feeling pretty drained. My face looks a heck of a lot better… but my allergies are still on the bad side.

But for whatever reason, around 7 p.m. I decided that I was going to go get me some dinner. I walked outside and I was mesmerized by the way the clouds were moving. I have never actually seen clouds roll  before. I’ve seen them move fast across the sky but to see them roll and expand and contract like they were doing, it had me running to get my camera. From our house I could see that there was lightning storm off in the distance and in an instant I knew I wanted to be where the lightning was hitting.

I jumped in my car and headed straight for the trails where I just knew would be the perfect spot. Now, mind you, this is not me. I am not a person to jump into action. But I did and I was so happy with myself. I took a step… no a leap into a direction that I would have never done before. And I honestly have to say it felt amazing. I pulled into the parking lot… grabbed my camera and tripod and sprinted to an open spot on the trails where the lightning was hitting.

This is one of the images I captured.

I have a whole series of time-lapse photos, because lighting is pretty unpredictable. So I was shooting every few seconds. [thank got for tripods] Here is the photos put into a time-lapse video.

The very last photo was when I realized… I should probably get out there. The wind had picked up considerably… there was lightning striking everywhere around where I was standing… I was a sitting duck basically. And I could see the rain wall heading my way. So I got my camera off my tripod and booked it to my car. The thunder kept getting louder and closer to where I was, once I got into my car the sky just opened up.

Never in my life have I had that kind of excitement and thrill. If there is one thing anyone should know about me, it is the fact that for a long part of my life, I have wanted to be a storm chaser. And today felt like I was. Even though my head was pounding, I was sneezing and my nose was leaking like a faucet because of my allergies… I did something that was so unlike me and I’m proud of myself for doing it. Proud that I pushed myself to do something that I’ve always wanted to do.

It’s restored my faith in myself.

And now that all that excitement is over… it’s time to get to bed and sleep off these allergies.

Happy photographing everyone!


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