Finding Your Style

I’m still learning new things about myself as a photographer. Editing style is one of them. Lots of people like to just do simple tweak. Increase exposure… add some contrast, you know that type of thing. Other photographers like to add “action packs” to their photos, which include exposure leveling and constrast, but also involves split toning, which I LOVE. If you didn’t already notice on my sisters photos.

The reason why I bring this up is because I’m constantly learning how to do things that make the photo appealing to myself, and in hopes appealing to other people. Because I am constantly trying to find my own personal style. I don’t get much time to take photographs so whenever I can, I like to change each photograph and see what kind of vibe I get from the photos. Here is an example:

Now I’ve posted this photo of Emily and Paul before with the first edit. I liked it at the time. But after photographing my sister, and learning how to make my own action packs, I realized that the first edits I did… I wasn’t that big of a fan of them. They seemed a bit cold to me and that is not Emily and Paul at all. In the final edit, I like the warmth. It still seems a little too pink, but that can be fixed.

In your opinion, which do you prefer? How long did it take for you to find your style of photo editing?

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