She’s Silly

So one of the things that you can completely notice in photographs is people’s comfort level. Some are stiff and static that the picture just seems faked. And others look so free and comfortable in any pose. As a photographer, we have to break people from certain levels of comfort to bring out their true personality.

My sister loves to have her picture taken. She is quick to say yes to having a photo shoot done, but as soon as you get her in front of the camera, she gets stiff. And with me, I’m still learning on how to get people comfortable enough to be in front of the camera to where I don’t have to tell them to do this and that. I know, some people just need direction. When I’m in front of the camera, I’m one of those people.

So when we went out and after a few moments of telling my sister what to do, she kind of went and did her own thing. Candid photos are always my favorite, so here are a few of my sister just being silly. There will be lots more photos coming up from our little adventure yesterday.


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