Yesterday was supposed to be a long day of shooting with a great friend… instead we took a long day of shopping.

Broken Musings

Yesterday didn’t exactly go as planned. Amanda, a fellow photographer, and I had planned a nice little shoot in a neighboring city. The weather had promised only clouds… but that wasn’t the case. I woke up SUPA early to get ready, which you see there is a photo of me downing some amazing coffee, with my hair still wrapped as I did my makeup. I put on a tank with denim shorts and a red linen blazer… I walk outside and it’s downpouring. What happened to just being cloudy?!

So I drive out to Amanda’s and we agree to just make it a shopping day until the sun makes an appearance, since she needed a dress anyway for a wedding she was going to in May.

We go all over the mall and I find this AMAZING Doctor Who t-shirt at Hot Topic! Seriously, it made me excited. This one was…

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