One of the things that we learned most while in our photography program is that none of us shoots like the other. We can go into a shoot… stand right next to one another and aim and shoot the exact same subject, but come out with completely different images to work with. Not one photographer wants to shoot like another. We may have the same tastes in style but our photographs are as different as our signatures.

Now the reason why I talk about that is because the same goes with HOW you shoot. A month or two ago I went out and photographed the trails by my house. When I came home and started editing them, I noticed that how I would edit one picture, would be completely different from how I would edit another.

For instance…

Two completely different photographs of the same subject. Each has their own feel… their own meaning. For the life of me, I could not apply one filter to both because neither of them screamed similarity. Which sounds completely crazy because they are photos of the same subject. But that is the amazing thing about photography. We can make the decision if we want it to be stark and constrasting, or warm and inviting. Not only the filters we apply can change a photograph but how we choose to shoot the subject. Do you shoot it straight on? To an angle? Should you apply the Rule of Thirds? These are all the things that go through our heads as we line up shots.

And no photograph is ever the same. That’s how it should always be. Evolving and changing, no two of the same images. It is our own perception that helps us as image makers to become as different as the other.


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