Sleepy Kitty is sleepy!

With the warmer weather coming, the cats have been pretty active… but only at night, when the husband and I are trying to get some sleep. However, during the day… this is what we find when we come home from work. A tuckered out little kitty just trying to catch some Zzzz while the sun is up. Trying to conserve his energy for tonight.

And because he likes to take up our whole bed, and sleep and drool on my pillow sometimes… I’d like to show you a video of sleeping beauty at his finest. Watch where his whiskers are. He makes a silly blowing noise when he is in a deep sleep sometimes. Ronald does it too. lol.

Don’t mind the fact that the white balance is completely off in the beginning. I was video taping him with my cellular device. lol.

And while I was typing this up for a blog post… someone decided to sneak into the room for nap time as well.

They definitely have the right idea, and I am certainly debating whether or not I should take a nap right next to them. It is a beautiful day but the husband did say he wanted me to rest and relax today.

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