Elizabeth Preview | March 18, 2012

Isn’t my best friend gorgeous?!

So yesterday I had the idea that we were going to get up early… do all her outfits… then get a head start on some photo shootings. Well… Saturday night I didn’t get off work until 11pm and then I hung out with my husband and his friends at the Hobby Chest for a little while. I got home around 1:30 – 2am and thought that my internal clock would wake me up at 7am like it always does. Instead my internal clock woke me up at 11am. Whoops, guess it likes the snooze button as well.

Not only was I running really late… it looked like it was going to rain!

So I finally get to her house around 1pm and then we head out. Stop by my parents to get my sister and then are on our way to the beach. I’m not sure what made me think that the beach wouldn’t have people on it… it is getting warmer here and the clouds and rain had passed. So we start in the sand with a few shots… we play in the water, and then move on to Fort Macon which was down the road. I wanted to try to get some pictures with different backgrounds because we started late I was losing light, so we did what we could.

Started to drive back towards her house, making a detour to Sonic for some delicious snacks and ice cream. The final images I wanted to get were lost because the sun had already set and the town was back to being all cloudy. I did get a few that I like.

We agreed that we will just have to scheme another shoot the next time we see one another. Which hopefully if I can scheme it right, will be in May when everything starts to bloom and such!


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