Product Box

So my husband Ronald has been asking me to photograph his 40K models for a few years now. I always hated that I didn’t have one of those fancy light boxes that are nothing but fabric that fold up for convenience.

A blogger/photographer, Nick Exposed, that I have been stalking on wordpress just happened to post up a tutorial on how to make your own. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even think about it. He used a cardboard box, tissue paper, and poster board. Ingenious! [You can click the image below and it will take you to his blog]

So Ronald and I decided to make our own. We found a random box in his closet and went to work. Instead of using clamp lights like he did, we used my portable studio lights. Just because I have them and they need to be used every now and again.

And this is how ours turned out.

I don’t have my reflectors for my lights because I don’t have umbrellas but I think they would help concentrate the light more into the box. So I will have to get them from my parent’s house.

And here is the end result.

It makes such a difference and am completely pleased by the results. Now I want to get a nice macro lens so we can really get the details in the model.

I also want to make it in a bigger box just because the box we used to make this one was on the small side and I have to push the models onto the curve of the sweep area so that I can get light into the front of the models. Other than that, it’s a pretty good lightbox. And the biggest plus is that the only thing I had to buy was the poster board for the sweep.


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