All It Takes

Sometimes all it takes is one photo to make you realize that it’s what you were meant to be.

This is my best friend, Elizabeth. This photograph was taken during our birthday extravaganza back in January. I had forgotten that we had done a little shoot within our hotel room. I was quickly losing light, so what I had to work with was the tungsten lights in the room and the flood lights outside of our rooms that were illuminating the pool. Out of a couple shots, this is the one that I liked the most.

Elizabeth is a photo phobic. She really doesn’t like photos of herself [neither do I]. However we plan on breaking these fears! She will be coming home March 18, so expect a post with LOTS of photos of her in them! =]


4 thoughts on “All It Takes

  1. She’s so pretty. I’m glad you got her to sit still long enough to get a shot 🙂 LOL What was it that Ira was calling her at the wedding? Photo Ninja? She’s so quick that one minute she’s in the frame, and the next she’s not! I don’t have much room to talk… I’m not a fan of being in pictures either….

    • Yeah I hate being in front of the camera. But what can you do? I’m so excited that we’re doing a shoot when she gets back to jville! I wish you were here so we could do a schemers photo!

  2. I am seriously looking forward to it 😀 Which is a shock all in it’s self lol Pretty sure Christina is the only person who can get me to sit for a photo, I even held my ground at her wedding just for her! You should find that OLD blog post about me the photo ninja from the coffee shop lol Just don’t post those pictures 😛

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