Fear happens…

So I have to say, the last images that I posted of Emily and Paul, got me my most views and the most compliments. It is always something that I fear. Will people like them? Will I like them? Omg… I hope THEY like them. Are they good enough? And then all of that turns into me staring at the screen for hours thinking… Ugh… that’s a stupid pose. Lord, I could have been a little bit more creative than that. What the HELL was I thinking? OMG Christina… it’s called bumping up the ISO a little… Soft…. Soft… Soft… Goodness how’d that blur happen? That’s not a flattering pose for any girl. Yeah… it goes on for hours. lol.

Sometimes you have to be your own worst critic but I think I end up hurting myself more because I am a bit more hard on myself as I should be and then I get depressed and tell myself to quit while I’m ahead. Yeah I said I was hard on myself. lol. I’m not a professional. I don’t claim to be. I don’t own my own business. I’m still an amateur. Working with those two taught me a valuable lesson. And it’s so funny to hear myself say it because you hear this saying all your life growing up and always think… easier said than done, but PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Getting out there and shooting, was amazing. I don’t get time to do it often but when I do get the chance, I absolutely love it!

It gives me the chance to think how can I make this better? What can I do next time? It helps me create a list of things to ask people of what they want in pictures… what they would be comfortable doing. This shoot was winged, I’m not going to lie. Which I believe is why all the poses are so static… not to mention, it’s been a while since I’ve been around Emily and it was my first time meeting Paul. Sometimes that awkwardness can rub off on a shoot. Which I completely understand why now people go out with their clients for lunch and get to know them… some even go out shopping with them for the clothes they are going to wear to the shoot [which I would love to do by the way lol].

This shoot was a great eye opener. And lord it has been such a long time since this gal has done portraits. I’m pushing myself more and more to do this, I don’t want to work retail my whole life… so it’s time to face my fears. You can’t fail if you don’t try… so here’s to trying new things and putting myself even more out there.

By the way, I take criticism pretty well so if you want to help me improve, I welcome suggestions! 😀


3 thoughts on “Fear happens…

  1. You have built your technical and conceptual foundation at the photo program at CCC Christina and now its just a mater of “busting out” and applying and building on what you learned in college. It is good to be critical of our own work however if you remember what I taught you not to let put your work down in front of others. Especially potential clients. Keep shooting and get our of retail! Thanks for posting to my blog. Patrick

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