Starting off 2012

Decided that today was going to be the best day to finally get off my butt and take some pictures since it’s my last day of this much needed stay-cation. I dragged my husband out onto the trails that are near our house and just went walking for a little bit. I loved this one as the original but I like the edited as well. Sometimes you just need to take a look around and see things through the view finder to really appreciate the beauty around us. Here’s to getting more photos in 2012! I’ll post more pictures from the trail tomorrow. PROMISE! 😀


4 thoughts on “Starting off 2012

  1. Beautiful shot! And gotta LOVE stay-cations. Just finished mine, too. Didn’t do a lot of photography, though. Did go to an old cemetery as I love photos of old tombstones and graveyards. Still working through them, though. But I did get a lot done on my sites, and did some graphic work. Anyway…. rambling as I usually do. That really is a gorgeous photo!

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