New Year’s Reso…

I won’t say the words just because if I do… I won’t go through with them! I’ve never been a fan of N.Y.’sR, seriously because I never follow through, which who really follows through with them to the fullest anyway! But this year I’ve decided it’s time to start setting goals and live life like I know I should.

So first and foremost… this gal will always have a camera strapped to herself. Whether it be my Canon… my Nikon… or my point and shoot, I will always make sure that I have one on me so that there are no excuses on why I saw this beautiful scene but did not capture it.

Second! I will start to make the effort to go out and shoot. Whether it be images of the beach [which I’m sure a lot of people will start to get sick of] or I start photographing people on the streets. I will not learn and grow if I do not try. And what would be the point of trying to better myself as a photographer if I do not just take my camera and photograph what I see.

Third… I will try my hardest to not be so critical of my work. It’s my constant criticism that causes me to doubt myself and my work, which in turns makes me feel like a failure even though everyone praises me for the work that I have put out. It’s a battle with myself that I can do without.

NUMBER four! This business will get started this year! No putting it off. If this is what I want, I can’t be afraid to do it. I’m young. If it doesn’t work out I can still bounce back and start again. I’m excited and ready for this merge with my good friend and hope that we will win your hearts as well! There will be tons of updates on the blog and my facebook account so everyone will know our progress and learn from us if they plan to do the same thing.

A new year always brings the excitement of things to come. I hope that this year is the year I finally find myself and prosper.

And I almost forgot… I will make myself post more on this blog. I NEED to post more on this blog. Whether it just be a quote, a recent picture, a mention of something I read… I will post it. I owe it to the people who do visit my blog. 😀


One thought on “New Year’s Reso…

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…. You are one of the most talented peple I know. Your work always amazes me, and you can count on me to beat you over the head with praise until you start to believe it yourself. I’ve got your back sister! lol You can do anything you put your mind to. I look forward to all of the spectacular things that you are sure to share with us this year!

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