Darn me!

Oh sweet quotes.

So yesterday on my way home from work, I was driving over a bridge when I looked to my right and was so angry at myself in that very moment. Why? Probably because I had seen the most beautiful sunset… EVER. Not only that, the image was just right… single sail boat in the water facing the setting sun… the sky an array of colors… pinks, oranges, purples, blues… it was just gorgeous! Again… why was I mad at myself? Because once again I did not have my camera.

This is becoming a problem. Whenever I’m driving I always always ALWAYS see something that absolutely floors me and I kick myself for never having my camera.

I know you are saying to yourself… ummm just leave your camera in your car. I would if it weren’t the holiday season and greedy people weren’t busting into people’s cars and stealing from them. Yes that is the society that we live in. Lame!

But I’ve been thinking… I technically have two cameras. My Canon, which I use for my “professional” gigs… and then I have a Nikon D40X that started this whole crazy idea of being a photographer. The sensor needs to be cleaned, but other than that…there is nothing wrong with the camera. So I may have to get that camera and stick it in my car. It’s much smaller than my Canon and will be easier to hide.

So hopefully having it in my car will make me actually stop and take the photos. No excuses! 😀

One thought on “Darn me!

  1. I actually was thinking of you Monday because as I was leaving for work I looked out my balcony at the most BEAUTIFUL sunrise I have ever seen! The sky was a slightly dark blue (absolutely stunning) with a star or two still in the sky and the sunrise was creating this blend of colors of purple, pink that I can’t even describe. I of course wished you were there for few people would appreciate it. Also I thought if anyone could capture the beauty in a photo it would be you 😀 I of course couldn’t find my camera…


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