Learning the Business

Recently I have posted a  blog called Something New Is Coming, <—click and read before continuing on if you haven’t already. If you did read the post you know that my best friend and I have decided to go into the business world together. There is so much to learn and understand about building a business. Where do we even begin?!

Amanda and I both have separate businesses right now and the hardest challenge that we are facing is coming up with a name that we both like for the business. lol.

We want to be smart about this and not dive into it without knowing our strengths and weaknesses as a team. So 2012 will be come our portfolio building year. We want to rebuild our portfolios from college because we both don’t feel like they show us at our best. Also we will be holding contests and asking our followers to pose for us so that we can find our niche and perfect our skills to offer only the best to this area’s future clients!

We are both over the moon with this merge and hope that everyone will give us a chance to show you what we can do.

I will be constantly uploading onto this blog with our progress and uploading sessions as we start booking them.

A new price list will be put up and most likely discounted for a limited time as a part of our portfolio building process, so be on the look out for that. Now please understand that we will be working out our prices based on what is the average in the area. So if we are out of your price range PLEASE be on the look out for discounts and such. Shannon Holden said it best in her blog.

If your market’s average price for a session is $200, and an 8×10 print is $60, don’t price yours at $75 and $20 to build your business, or even because you are “just starting out.” Doing so undercuts established photographers and hurts the industry … it makes it harder for all photographers to earn a living. -Shannon Holden Photography

So definitely be on the look out for new posts and chances to get some photos done with us as we go on this amazing journey together!


2 thoughts on “Learning the Business

  1. This sounds really exciting! I am so happy for you! Now if only I lived closer and could get in on those photo shoots…. lol

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