Photography… plain and simple.

We all do it for different reasons. It is a job… it’s a hobby… it’s the something abnormal in your semi normal kind of life. The reason behind it is still the same however. The reason we pick up a camera day by day… because we love it. We thrive off of it. It gives us a voice where words seem to fail us. We can feature happiness, sadness, and any emotion in between. We are thrown into situations where the moments are meant to be looked back at and the customers want to be awed.

Why do you have your picture taken? Because it captures a moment in your life where you were happy… a moment that you want to remember forever… a moment that you want to brag about to your friends on facebook, yeah I said it. Well… as photographers we want to share that moment with you. When you get married, we are just as happy and emotional as you are in your pictures. We get excited when we see the most epic shot of you and your loved ones. We are over the moon to see the happiness in your eyes when you see images of your newborn. We understand the seriousness of terrible situations and photograph it so that others, whom need a wakeup call, will get it from those photographs.

It is our creative outlet. We make up scenes of fairy tales and dramatizations. We make everyone gorgeous. We bring about an array of emotions that most people wouldn’t think they would feel just by looking at a photograph. We want to photograph problems, hoping bring to surface a solution.

As photographers, we leave behind us a trail of photographs that spoke to us… that spoke to you. We regret nothing [maybe] and learn from every single mistake that became an obstacle in our path. We love what we do. We live by the weight of our cameras in our hands and the smiles on the faces of others.

If you know a photographer, or have a family photographer that you use often, be sure to send them a nice little note of appreciation. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, and makes us love our jobs even more!


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