Goodbye Ugly Man Bags!

So one of the one things that I love in the accessories category is purses. There are a million different styles and colors but every woman knows what she wants in a purse. So why shouldn’t it be that way for camera bags for the stylish women of today.

I have been on the lookout as well for a new camera bag. Goodbye bulky ugly black man-ish bag… Hello beautifully crafted purse/bags! Here are some of the websites that I have found that offer some of the most adorable bags that I could see sitting on my shoulder in a year or two.

Kelly Moore Bags

This little beauty is The Libby. Super stylish and a pretty little penny! None the less… Kelly Moore bags are highly recommended by other photographers. She offers tons of different styles and gorgeous colors as well.

Another fan favorite! If you really want to disguise your camera bag as a purse, they have got you covered!

Some of the cutest cloth like photography bags I’ve seen are from Ketti Handbags! What sucks is that right now, they are closed for the holidays. Boo! But it doesn’t stop the fact that you can’t “window” shop via internet.

Porteen Gear

These bags from Porteen Gear are interesting little gems. I wouldn’t mind having at least one in my closet to use at will.

Cheeky Lime

Last but definitely not least… this gorgeous bag is one of my faves! If I had to choose out of the styles they offer, this classic green bag would be on my Christmas and Birthday wish list!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Ugly Man Bags!

    • Hahahah I know right! I found all of these websites and I was like, “Hmmm… I wonder how much Ronald is willing to spend on me!” 😀

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