Something New Is Coming…

So while sitting on a bench at the beach this afternoon, something came over me. A reason to write something on my photography blog. It’s been a while… I know.

So… the photography has been on the stand still. With work and the holidays, shooting just hasn’t been happening. However, one thing that has come up, is pretty exciting. One of my great friends and fellow photographer and I have decided that we are going to combine forces and take on the photography world as a team. Yes, that is right. Broken Shutter Photography will be joining… well I don’t know what she calls her official photography name. lol.

This all came about after watching a video from the Pure Photography folks.

Pure Photography + Design {promo} from Kale Fitch on Vimeo.

We often talked about working together and how much fun it would be. We worked well together on projects for school. We are two completely different photographers which will bring more to the table as far as style. And we’re both willing to learn more and help each other with different situations.

Excited, is the only word that I can come up with to explain how happy I am that we are going to be doing this. Photography is a hard field to work in. You have a lot of people who think they are photographers because they own a camera. They charge $25 for 100+ pictures that are subpar at best. They shoot on presets, the images are blurry, and the composition is far from desirable. And yet they get business because of what they charge. Which drives a lot of us kind of nuts… those who have worked hard to learn and grow with the camera in their hands.

I digress… This is a new outlook on our photography and I hope that by us coming together as a team will help us push forward in our skills and future careers. Here’s to hoping for more shoots like these ones…

Big things people! Big things will be happening for this photog girl! 😀


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