Gray Cards

In school we really never used gray cards with computer software, we were taught the importance of them, but they were never pushed on us… I’m pretty sure I never even used mine while I was in school. I can’t even remember where mine is to be quite honest. Let alone know where in Lightroom to use them.

We had learned how to do our white balance in camera. We carried around little white pieces of cardboard and did everything right then and there… but sometimes doing it that way, you lose precious time. Yes you can make a preset, but if you are doing outdoor stuff when are you doing something at the exact same time everyday where the light is the same? Hardly ever.

I came across a post on iheartfaces [<—click the link to check out the post] on using the Lightroom white balance dropper. Now that can come in real handy! Now I just need to find that darn gray card. 😀


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