Many faces of Felicia

Sometimes you have to have those moments where you just go for it. My friends and I had been planning a shoot together for who knows how long. No real reason. Just to do it. Sometimes you have to have those kind of shoots. It was fun… really fun.

Working a job where you do no photography… or anything related to the sorts, can kind of put you in a downer sometimes. I honestly feel like it messes with my head. :/

The last time I used my camera was for Felicia’s wedding. Which was almost a month and a half ago. YIKES! It was nice to be able to do something creative with no real restrictions and no real reason whats so ever. I want to do more shoots like this. Just have fun and to really get myself comfortable with my camera again. Not having school assignments and not having time to yourself to schedule stuff like this can get depressing… So I’m telling myself, every week I have to shoot something. Go somewhere and shoot!

Can’t get somewhere in life if life is just passing you by.

Even though we are officially out of school, the reason why I’ve been so stressed mainly is because in two months… count them… ONE… TWO, this girl will be getting married to the love of her life. Crazy right? Who knew someone would be brave enough to want to handle me everyday for the rest of his life. Sorry Ronald, no turning back now. 😀 None the less, I am extremely excited and terrified at the same time. This will different. I’m not a fan of different but just another hurdle to overcome. Especially for someone that I am head over heels in love with.

So… there is a little update on the things that have been going on. Little fun shoots here and there. But tt’s mainly work and wedding stuff. I’m ready for a day to just breathe. I hope it’s some time soon! 😀


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