Whittney Boudoir

Something that I have noticed lately that has been trending is boudoir photographs.  Whether they are for a husband that is deployed… a birthday/anniversary present for a boyfriend… or even a wedding present for the future husband to be, more and more women are having these sexy photos taken.

My very first boudoir shoot was with an old friend from high school that wanted photos done for her anniversary. Good thing it was with someone I knew, or it would be a little awkward telling her, “unbutton the shirt more… pop the booty out a little… open your legs slightly.” Like always though, once subject and photographer are comfortable with one another, it all seems to flow.

It’s been a long while since I’ve been able to shoot [something that wasn’t school related] and once again it made me excited to be a photographer. I hope more opportunities come my way.

This Saturday coming up I will have an engagement shoot with a couple from Havelock. I’ll post more after our meet! 😀


3 thoughts on “Whittney Boudoir

  1. how do I get into her folder and see all the pics? she gave me the password but I can’t figure it out ha

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