Sunset time lapse

Time lapse videos can be very tricky. Just look at the one above. I did this yesterday. White balance changes quickly… and lets face it… editing 343 photos to the correct histograms of light and dark, it can be a pretty big pain! Not to mention… doing a time lapse video on a very busy old pier, probably not the best idea. Why you ask?

  1. Nosy people standing behind you, trying to see why you have a camera shooting down on the beach. And wondering why you have what looks like an old school bomb detonator in your hand. Yes Amanda… the remote looks exactly like that. 😀
  2. Whenever people walk by no matter if they are right next to the camera or not… there is massive shaking. It may not bother tons of people, but being the perfectionist that I am… it’s driving me nuts looking at it.

Otherwise it was a good start. That little part was only… 150 still images. I still have another 193 images to edit and to put together with these. Then… instead of 20 seconds of video, I may have 45 seconds! It’s going to be a long day!



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