It’s finally happening!!

We’ve been in engaged for… well.. it’s felt like forever. But the date is set, and we’re finally going to tie the knot! The above photo was inspired from a tshirt that we saw online and it had two stick figures that were in wedding attire. The man was a sad face stick figure and the woman was a smiling stick figure and below them it said game over. We both thought it would be hilarious. This is the feature photo in our save the dates.

Graduation was on the 8th of May. It was great at the beginning, we lined up… I walked across the stage. Graduated with honors, got cords from Simga Kappa Delta, Phi Theta Kappa, was nominated in the Whose Who book. We celebrated, but that soon came to an end when we got home and my dad received a phone call. My Uncle Jimmy had passed away. It was unreal. I honestly don’t think I can ever think about my graduation and be happy about it because it marks a tragedy in our family.

But as always, we move forward in our lives. Like what our uncle would have us do. We hope that he knows that he was extremely loved by everyone and that he will be greatly missed.

Uncle Jimmy (in the red shirt), with my mom and dad.


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