Picture This

Picture This is was a show on BBC America that I had watched a few weeks ago [don’t actually know if it’s still showing on tv].  Basically photographers are picked to go head to head in photography challenges and the winner gets a serious book deal and an exhibition of their work.  There are six photographers, every week they have three assignments and from those three assignments, they are to pick their top photographs and present to the judges.  In the end, two photographers get sent home.  Kind of scary considering there are only six people!  The photographers that they bring on are students, professionals, hobbyist and people that honestly just recently picked up a camera.  The challenges remind me of the things we do in class. 😀  The episode that I ended up watching was the documentary episode!

Now we all know that I have had the worst problem with my documentary project.  Went through three and all fell through.  So to watch these photographers go through the challenges was quite entertaining.  One guy “claimed” he was a serious documentary photographer… well needless to say he thought a little too high of himself, even the judges felt the same way.  The challenges were to tell a story of each scenario, he did not even do that.  Some new what they wanted to do, some saturated their cameras with images of everything.  All but the one guy, had even said that documentary was not their cup of tea.  I was freaking out after having a few months to get this going… they had a week. I would definitely be pulling out my hair.  However I think the pressure would have made me think more clearly.

The final two contestants were two girls of completely different backgrounds, their final assignment was a personal body of work of their choosing.  The girl whom I thought would have won the whole show did not.  She was a photography grad student.  Her images were amazing.  They portrayed more of an editorial style and I could have sworn she was a shoe in for the win.  However, the girl that ended up winning was quite a shock.  She had only been handling a camera for two years, honestly only shot in automatic [our teachers would die], and her body of work was a reenactment of her struggle with being an alcoholic.  An interesting choice, but I could see why they chose her.

After watching the mini marathon of it, I realized how much inspiration it gave me and how awesome it is to know that I’m not the only one that freaks out over challenges.  😀

And whats even more funny is that it had inspired me to pick up my camera and shoot a little while I was in the house.  So here is my sister’s dog lady and yes that is a hanes sock on her paw.  She’s been licking it non-stop and that is the only way to stop her from doing it.  See the look on her face, yup she knows she did something wrong and that’s the look of pleading for Auntie to take off the sock.  The second photograph is of lady waiting for grandma [my mom] to come home, to plead her case and have the sock removed.


One thought on “Picture This

  1. Blog is looking great Christina! Keep on blogging! We will be using the blogs and updating them with the diversified portfolio images throughout the summer semester. Great shot of the dog by the door.

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