Faith Renewed

If you have been reading, lately I’ve been… well freaking out to say the least.  A fellow student and myself have realized that it is crunch time, four weeks ’til graduation day!, and we have not had a successful run on our documentary projects.  Feeling a bit out of place everywhere I’ve gone, and a little defeated because I just want a passing grade at this point.  So having a mild freak out with Ronald and his friends, we brain storm. What can Christina do as a documentary?

Well it was easy peasy… document the one place that feels foreign to me even though I’ve been there plenty of times, The Hobby Chest!

Faith renewed!  Even though it took me a while to get comfortable photographing everyone and realizing that they are not going to bite my head off for taking their pictures… I started shooting.

Will it be enough?  Will my teacher like the newest proposal or will I just have to face the music and realize that I won’t be graduating this year.  Lucky for me, she loves it!  Feeling relieved and even more realizing that I have more time than I gave myself to get all of this done.

Both my friend and myself are letting the stress of not graduating slip our minds.  Clarity has come and now we both can finally breathe.  Not to mention, I like the fact that I can hang out with Ronald while he does his ritual Saturday Hobby Chest hanging out with the boys.


One thought on “Faith Renewed

  1. Yeah thanks goodness we are graduating this year! lol this project has been a pain but we found our way at last min. but thats how we roll 🙂

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