Sick Day

Well today was supposed to be a day full of shooting with a friend of mine, however that is not the case. I’m sick as a dog. Which sucks because I was really stoked to be shooting. Not to mention it was a completely beautiful NC day.

It happens though, especially at the worst moments. Which sucks because Christa and myself had rescheduled from yesterday because it was so windy.

The photo to the left is a funny one. Ronald and I were on our way to do some shooting for my documentary class. The clouds just looked so amazing but I was driving and couldn’t take the photo. Ronald handed me my camera, I put the car on cruise control, Ronald took the wheel and I started shooting. I never have my camera whenever the clouds look so gorgeous and thankfully Ronald was with me because otherwise I would not have been able to take this picture.

Ronald has been with me through my photography development and he rarely takes a hold of the camera. But he was being funny and decided to start snapping some shots. I love that he was playing with the camera because sometimes I think people don’t realize how attached we become to our cameras and that we constantly feel the need to be the ones behind the camera.

Here is the photo that he took. I don’t know why, but I love it. It has character and lets face it, with someone who has no teaching in photography, it’s a pretty good photo. Yeah, it’s a close up, a mega close up of my face, none the less, it is the focal point that draws me the most. The glasses are in focus on the left side and I have always been one for the reflections on glass.

So we went to dinner and then it was time for photographs. It wasn’t dark yet but being downtown, it’s not exactly the place you want to be with such an expensive camera. Main reason why I dragged Ronald with me. So I started shooting. Sometimes it takes me a while to get comfortable enough to just take pictures. I believe the main reason why I am so uncomfortable with taking this documentary class is because I’m not one fore people getting into my face and snapping photos. Now I wasn’t stalking people and getting close ups, I still did not feel right. I felt like I was invading someone’s privacy. That in its self is not cool with me. We took a few more in downtown and then we left to go into the lively part of Jacksonville. The clouds were rolling in, even though it said that it wasn’t going to rain that night. Sprinkling was all that we got for a while. While sitting at a red light, something in me told me to take a picture. I rolled down the window and just started shooting. The thing about photography is that you can get some interesting photographs but it takes a ton of tries. That has been my life story when it comes to photography. So when this photograph came along, I was kind of excited.

It’s definitely interesting.

After this, the sky opened up on us. I decided I would take more the next day because we were going to be out with Ronald’s friends and it would be a good time to just shoot. Well once again I got self-conscious and I didn’t shoot.

We all decided that it would be kind of interesting if I photographed/documented the Hobby Chest. A place that Ronald hangs out at on Saturdays. It’s a nice hobby store, and the people there are pretty much family so that’s what I did. I still find that the photograph is extremely interesting but I just don’t know if I can go out and shoot by myself because Ronald can’t be with me all the time. Not to mention how to make it a comprehensive documentary.

I have a month to figure it out, so we will see what happens in the next few weeks.


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