Getting Back to Portraits

He's accepted the fact that my camera will forever be in his face for the rest of our lives together. 😀

We’ve been doing so much with products that I’ve almost forgotten the one thing that will drive the most business. PORTRAITS. I’m not a fan to be honest. I’m awkward around people and I don’t do well with directing situations to make the most desirable photograph. But I do try and everyone that I have photographed has liked their pictures. It just takes practice. I have been waiting for paying clients to come knocking to my door but I have not put up new photos that there is no reason for them to come to me since I have no proof that I have improved. So I’ve told myself that I would like to at least shoot one session a week with people that I have on my facebook. Just so I can get back into my groove with being one on one with people. My people skills are non-existent and since I am closely nearing my graduation date, it’s time to no longer act as a student but as a professional.

My price list will be getting revamped. Everything is being “spring cleaned!” It’s time to move forward if I want to make this my career!

My first session of this new obsession with getting into portraits starts this Saturday so hopefully I will have images to show on Sunday! Stay tuned!!

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