A New Day

Obviously I have given up on the 365 project. I let it slip me by and now I feel like I can’t get back into it. But that is okay because I have been bombarded with opportunities to shoot, mainly class assignments, though it’s better than nothing. I am in the works of getting together with a friend to do a shoot this Saturday just for the hell of it because I really feel like I need to start putting myself out there. I’m not so great with portraits but I know it is a lucrative business and I should probably start dipping my toes in the waters.

Commercial Class - Food Assignment

I have been really working on commercial layouts for class and I’ve learned that it really is something that I could get into. I knew that commercial would be a real interest for me but I’ve learned more and more that I’m actually quite good at it. Not to mention, the whole graphics layouts that we are doing to them. My instructor says that I have quite the eye for layout design. That makes me feel a little better considering I have been bombing in my documentary class. It is definitely something that I just don’t feel students can get a real grasp on and to actually do a well thought out project in such a short amount of time. Every project I have started has ended abruptly. We are three months, going on four months, into the semester and I haven’t gotten anywhere. I can almost see the words failure appearing on my forehead. However, everyone has more than enough faith in me to get it done, and done it shall be. I will end up with a comprehensive project that I will be proud of in the end.


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