365 – Day Twenty-Six!

February 2, 2011

Meet Chubby…

This is his life. Lying on a couch… half asleep… all fluffy and stuff.

Ever since I could remember, when someone would ask me if I could be any animal what would it be… it would be a house cat. Of course with a good family. So I can be fat and lazy. lol. But don’t let him fool you. We’re pretty sure he is the one hunting little animals in the yard.

One of the things I love about my husband to be… is that he will cook for me. I can’t cook for nothing. Domesticated is something that I am not. I can do my laundry but when it comes to cooking up something fierce… it’s not going to happen.

I suppose I should start to learn for when I have to cook my husband to be a fabulous dinner when we are on our own. On the upside, if I don’t learn to cook we won’t eat as much and I’ll lose more weight! 😀 I kid I kid.

What was our meal for the day? Delicious omelets. Those eggs didn’t know what was coming!

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