365 – Day Twenty-One

January 28, 2011

We’re starting our semester off with a bang in commercial class. Two shoots in and I’m starting to get the hang of this. This week I decided to go ahead and do something really simple such as shooting my Nikon camera. I thought it was funny that I was shooting it with my new Canon camera. Either way I still feel this class will be my strongest work of all my other classes just because this is what I’ve been looking forward to do for a while now. And just because I don’t have a studio in my home, it doesn’t mean I can’t makeshift one. Ronald has been having me photograph his models that he paints, mainly because he is going to sell the army, but either way I don’t have a fancy sweep and tent to shoot them. So what we did is, I have a large fluorescent desk lamp that we set on the table and then we put his models on a folded piece of paper. Increase the ISO on the camera and shoot like no other. Who needs a tent when shooting models. =] If only we had thought of this the first time we tried shooting his models. However now we know and will probably learn to do it a little better than before.


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