365 – Day Seventeen!

January 24, 2011

In class our teacher had said, “Sometimes those artist who think outside the box… well they can be a little loopy.”

I was cleaning Ronald’s desk and had asked for paper towels and windex. We got to the end of the roll and of course I used it as a sword… a bat… and a trumpet. The normal things people think of when it comes to a empty roll. While sitting on Ronald’s bed, my most brilliant idea came when I was using the roll as a telescope! Why not shoot THROUGH the roll. It gives you the James Bond effect. Which I found hilarious.

Since becoming engaged I told myself that I would grow out my hair so that we could do something pretty with it for the wedding. I now know why I always kept my hair short. I have gone through my shampoo and conditioner faster because I have to use more. Blow drying my hair use to take only 10 minutes tops… now over half an hour and even then it is still damp. And straightening my hair doesn’t even work anymore because it just curls right back to where it was.

And even though it has been a major pain in my ass… I have to say, I do like it a little longer. 😀

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