365 – Day Fifteen!

January 22, 2011

This morning started like all my mornings on my days off… woke up at seven… made a cup of coffee… talked to my parents. Then the mention of snow happened. Whoa whoa whoa… for once I didn’t want to get any snow! I don’t need a snow day! So I hopped in my car, drove to the bank, did all my errands like normal. Got home, still no snow. Then I get a text from the husband to be… it’s snowing in Bogue… Okay… maybe it’s just north of us and we won’t get any. Nope… it started coming down like a bat out of hell. And would not stop! Somehow my little town got three inches of snow while our neighboring town that is not even 20 minutes away got nothing. They were not kidding about the coastline being the only ones to get snow. I bet the beach hasn’t seen this much snow in years!

Thankfully the snow didn’t stop Mr. Wonderful FedEx man from making a nice stop to my house. That’s right people… My baby came in! Welcome to the family, the Canon EOS 7D! I was so psyched to be getting my camera today and then I realized… CRAP it’s snowing outside and I can’t use the camera because me not thinking didn’t buy a CF card. /sigh. Only I can make such mistakes. But it’s all good! I’m just happy to have a new camera!

The Nikon has to go away for a little while. My first child needs a good sensor cleaning, so I’m happy that the Canon made it here on such short notice!! And just because I can’t use it right now to take pictures… I can always take pictures of it. lol. Oh the joys of having a million cameras!

Let’s just call this a belated birthday present to myself because I have been trying to get this camera since before Christmas… so technically it’s a belated Christmas present as well. 😀

Now I ask of you… Please hire me… I have a new camera to pay off!!!


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