365 – Day Eleven!

January 18, 2011

Now that school has started back up again, I have this feeling that my days are going to be spent living within my car. Having to drive from work in one city to another city just for school, can cause one to get bored all the time.

So because I am living in my car and doing constant work and thinking about layouts and what to photograph, I like to go to places to just clear the mind. One of those places is a national park that is near my fiance’s house. Convenient, right? Sometimes I like to go and sit on the deck or walk around the trails. It’s easy to get lost in the madness of everyday life that sometimes we just need to go somewhere that we can just relax.

I love it when me and other photographers go out and just shoot… mainly because none of the other photographers question what we are photographing. Such as the photo on the right. To others it’s just a bathroom sink and mirror… to us it is art. Let’s face it they use to take photographs of urinals and toilets back in the day and those images actually sold! I just like that I can sit back and see what others are photographing and think, “Man, that is going to be one awesome photograph of a door knob or a screw in a wall!”


3 thoughts on “365 – Day Eleven!

  1. Ok like for real I want to makea a photogrpahy book of door knobs starting with that one we all kept tryint to shoot in Willie!

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