365 – Day Eight!

January 15, 2011

So I got a bit lazy last night and didn’t upload my 365. Only day eight and I’m slacking off. Oh well. Here it goes. So yesterday was okay. I don’t know if this has happened to anyone else but I sometimes get annoyed when I go to a fast food restaurant and I go through the drive-thru and they forget to give you the straw… I already have driven off and sitting at the light I look down longingly to have a drink. Yes I could take the top off and just leave it off when I drive but I know better than that because with me there is always the possibility of it spilling everywhere. Note to self, always check the bag before pulling away.

I always find it funny when I have to do any of domesticated work. Like sewing on a button for Ronald’s shorts or making some kind of food. If you know anything about me, I’m not exactly the Susie Home-maker kind of type. But when I do have to, I always feel like a real woman. I often find it weird when girls tell me they don’t know how to sew. Granted I’m not a genius when it comes to an actual sewing machine but free hand sewing is as easy as ABC’s. I guess I somewhat feel the pride of being able to sew on a button… partly because Ronald doesn’t know how to and it makes me feel useful. And every woman wants to feel needed. 😀

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