365 – Day Seven!

January 14, 2011

Today was a good day… well… for the most part. For the wedding I decided that we wouldn’t need flowers since the wedding was going to be outside. Why overdue what nature already puts out? So while wandering on the Project Wedding website I found a great DIY (Do It Yourself) project since everyone keeps telling me I need flowers. Following the steps I ended up sitting in the kitchen for over four hours rolling and shaping paper flowers. Once my sister got home I made her help too. We’re pretty excited about this because it will give us plenty to do and really it’s not all that hard. Just a little time consuming.

I figured we could use these for the table decorations and maybe even make them as pomanders to hang on the isles chairs for the ceremony. Either way I think it will be fun to do so with my sister and hopefully my bestie Elizabeth whenever she gets time to come home.

My mom had mentioned something about trying to make cloth flowers. I like the way the paper ones look but just to please her, I’ll try to make the cloth flowers.

The last photo is of the finished… well slightly finished product. We ran out of rosettes. But overall, really pleased with the results. It is a mixture of what should look like carnations and rosettes. In the DIY page, it shows little balls of yarn… I forgot to buy that so we won’t know what it looks like until I do. But for now, I’m digging this project and hope to incorporate it to the wedding. Especially if it saves me money on flowers and the whole wedding all together.


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