365 – Day Six!

January 13, 2011

Today was just like any other day. Work in the morning. Came home… took a nap. Woke up to a funny voicemail that my manager left on my phone because I had left my David’s Bridal magazine at work to show another manager the dress I wanted to get and my store manager decided to tell me how much she liked the dress and the colors I picked out for my bridesmaids. Yeah that’s how we do at my work. hahaha.

Had a fantastic dinner with Ronald and his family. Then I went to work on cutting Ronald’s hair. I’m not sure when I went from photographer to cosmetologist but the very last time Ronald went and got his hair cut from a “professional” she completely botched his hair. Seriously, there were patches of long hair all over his head… and all she had to do was buzz his head. Worst $12 he has ever spent that’s for sure. So my parents bought him his own cutters and now I’m his very own hair stylist. lol.

Anything to save money… right?


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