365 – Day Three!

January 10, 2011

This morning started early. Why you ask? Because eastern North Carolina was calling for snow, and for once they were right! With inclement weather looming last night, all schools and colleges… even government buildings decided it would be best to just shut down for the day. Likely we’ll get about an inch of snow, and lots of people will laugh at us for shutting down the city. We have our reasons though. We’re beach people, not snow people. Even with just a few inches of snow, we get the worst drivers in the world on our roads, and that just calls for the city to be shut down.

Even though schools are closed our instructors still did not want us to get behind. Web searches normally start out our first weeks of school never the less. Three photography classes this semester! Commercial, Documentary and Graphic Application! Of course like any first week of school, we were just told to get use to using blackboard. Especially for us, every first week of school we have to do a web search on specific photographers in the area of our studies for the semester. Those of us graduating this year will be walking in graduation in May! I can’t believe it. It’s gone by far too fast!

Our snow started around eight this morning and just continued to fall! We got almost four inches of snow. That’s the most we’ve gotten in quite some time. When ever it snows though, my family finds it as an opportunity to take as many photographs as possible!

My Dad!

My sister and myself!


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