Permission first.

I know we all do it. We see an image on the internet, if we really like it, we right click and hit save as. Have you ever went to print the image or even put it on your background on your computer and it just looked horrible. It was all blurry and stretched out? Well that is because those images were not put on the internet for that use. Most of us who have been posting images online know that resolution is everything. We save those images at a low resolution so that if they so happen to be printed they won’t look so good. Low resolution = horrible printing quality. And no matter if you try to enlarge it, it won’t look how it does online.

What I’m trying to get at is please… if you see an image you like, ask permission before trying to take the image. Especially if it is a photographers page. We work hard to put out images that we think people will like. Don’t be offended if we suggest that you buy a copy of the image. There is a lot that goes on with post production of a photo taken and I know I don’t appreciate it when people think that it is okay to just take it as they please.

I enjoy posting my photos online because I love to hear everyone’s feedback. I absolutely love that there are loyal friends and fans that have bought images from me as well. Please be respectful of this. I’m not trying to be a “B,” this is what we’ve been taught. I know the internet is free game, but if we know each other… that’s just a little messed up, in my opinion.


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