So little time…

It has once again been an unbelievable time since I’ve last blogged. It’s the beginning of November and we pretty much have a month and a half before the fall semester is over. YAY! This semester has consisted of portraiture, photo journalism, and view camera. All have gone pretty well. Photo journalism I was extremely nervous about when we first started and now, I’m not so worried about it. Portraits have never been a specialty of mine… not my cup of tea as they say. I have done fairly well it it though. View camera is a challenge. I love it though. For all the things that we need to learn, it has been great to see where my skills are taking me.

We recently received an email from one of our instructors telling us that it was almost that time to fill out our paperwork for graduation and such. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been through this for almost two years and that in two short semesters we’ll be graduates with degrees in photographic technology. That some of us will be going off to other schools to continue our education. Some will stay and open their own shops and others will pursue other venues. I almost don’t want to think about having to grow up and move on.

My scheme is to further my education as much as I can. I still feel as if there is so much I need to learn. If I could become a professional student I would. :] It’s time I got my website up and running. Have to start taking on some photography jobs. There really is so much to do and so little time. I feel like I’m already behind.

Oh well. It’s worth it.

Here are a few from this semester:


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