Painting with LIGHT in color!

It has been quite a while since I’ve blogged. My apologies. Work and school as got me boggled down that blogging has been somewhat impossible. But I digress… so one of the latest assignments we’ve had to do was painting with light. So I grabbed Ronald and went to Michaels to try to find some different colored acetates to put around my speedlight. Surprisingly that was more of a task than taking the actual pictures. We thought they would have something like the acetates I use in class and then I thought well… maybe paper might work. However, I didn’t want to chance it with the fact that the paper might rip or the color might not show through. However, we did find different colored gift basket wraps that seemed to have worked perfectly.

My instructor constantly tells us that photography is all about problem saving and the more and more I do this I’m starting think he is right. 🙂 But ssshhhhhh don’t let him know that. lol.

I am constantly in utter disbelief that we technically only have four more weeks of school… minus the week of spring break so three weeks! I feel like I have so much more to learn from John and Cathy in these sections of my studies. But I must move on in the summer time. It will be onto Intro to Digital Photography, Portfolio Development I and Multimedia Production. Now that is going to be one busy summer but I think I will be able to handle it.

I’ve been teetering back and forth with my future. I just want it to be here already so I can make a decision.

However, the more I shoot, the more I think I was made for this profession. I love the outcomes and I love learning new techniques.


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